A Life in Tune

At Harmony Financial Advisors we can help you see how life movements are connected, and how you can build new financial rhythms. Because the best decisions are built on complete and accurate information, we want to know:
  • Why are you seeking advice?
  • What are your primary financial and life concerns?
  • What are your dreams, goals, and aspirations?
  • How do you relate to money?
  • Are you facing a life transition?
  • What financial habits would you like to address?

Financial Planning

Harmonizing your financial life requires time and care. As such, sound planning is a process, with discreet steps. At the start, we gather your personal history in order to present comprehensive financial recommendations that can affect your life well into the future.

Our plan will present options that we ask you to consider. The critical decisions needed to implement our recommendations are always yours.

Our focus during financial planning includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Cash-flow analysis
  • Personal net-worth preparation
  • Investment analysis
  • Retirement planning
  • Risk management and insurance analysis
  • Estate planning
  • Understanding the transition event and your experience of the change
  • Life transition impact analysis

Our minimum fee for comprehensive financial planning services is $4,000 based upon a 10 hour minimum and a fee of $400 an hour. The total fee may be higher, based on your needs, and the scope of the engagement. After meeting with you, we will provide an estimate. Initial consultations are always complementary.

Divorce or Separation Planning
We provide unbiased advice to clients during transitional periods in their lives if they are contemplating or actually involved in a separation from a life partner or divorce. We help clients manage financial change, as the division of assets is a primary financial issue, but the emotional transition is often as difficult. Our advisory services help clients achieve lasting balance in the context of a separation by evaluating the decision making process and time frame, personal readiness, financial resources, life and financial goals, and cash flow needs.

Thoughtful financial life planning means clients can expect more desirable and beneficial results. They are happier with the outcome of the entire separation or divorce process. Our services are customized to client needs but can include:

  • Goal setting and needs analysis
  • Review of all financial resources
  • Preparation of the Statement of Net Worth
  • Analysis of present and future income and expenses
  • Estimation of the tax impact on separating assets and liquidation

Our fee for pre-separation, separation or divorce planning is based on your needs, and the scope of the engagement. After meeting with you, we will provide an estimate. Our minimum fee is $4,000. Initial consultations are always complementary.

Investment Management

New clients typically present portfolios that are invested in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that were chosen "one at a time" without considering overall goals, life plans, and other investment holdings such as retirement funds. When transitions hit, the lack of a consistent investment philosophy becomes apparent. Financial discord, uncertainty, and the inability to fulfill aspirations can be the result.

We are a fee-only portfolio manager. Your investment strategy is customized and tailored, and seeks to assist you through personal and market transitions to make sure the money is there when you need it. We make recommendations based on research, experience, and extensive market knowledge.

Our advice reflects your unique life circumstances, investment temperament, and views about appropriate ways to put your money to work.

Our investment-management services include:

  • Analysis of existing investments and retirement accounts.
  • Recommendations of changes to investment holdings.
  • Execution of investment recommendations.
  • Quarterly portfolio performance reports with rate of return information.
  • On-line access to account information, monthly account statements, and year-end tax reports.

Our fees for investment management services are based on a percentage of assets under management, payable quarterly, in advance. Our annual fee schedule includes:

  • 1.00% for the first $1.0 million.
  • 0.75% for any amount above $1.0 million