Life Transitions Are Dynamic

Because of inherent conflicts they create, change requires a comprehensive process, and financial decisions made from a complete understanding of the future impact on your long term well-being. At Harmony Financial Advisors, we work with you as your thinking partner, meeting as often as needed to monitor and fine-tune your financial plan over the long term. We also coordinate with other professionals in your life - accountants, estate attorneys, divorce attorneys, insurance providers, and mortgage brokers. We value not just comprehensive advice, but efficient execution.

Who We serve

We typically work with individuals, or families, some of whom are dealing with a transition due to career change, marriage, divorce, inheritance, or death. We also understand that women may need a more in depth approach regarding the decision making process which involves education and empowerment to establish financial independence. Above all, our clients desire a comfortable, on-going relationship with a skilled professional truly concerned about their financial well-being. We seek to create a stressfree financial life for our clients through unbiased, independent financial planning and investment management advice provided over the long term. Our clients need and expect comprehensive, client focused services, with transparency and accountability to achieve important life goals.