Orchestrating A Connected Whole

We define a "life transition" as a temporary, unbalanced state that requires thoughtful analysis and attention. Whether planned or unexpected, transitions can create:

  • Uncertainty-the past is gone, the future is difficult to envision
  • New choices, new responsibilities, decisions that have never been faced before
  • A new "normal," a new way of living your life
  • Positive change and opportunities for reinvention
  • Financial resources that increase or decrease

At Harmony Financial Advisors, we look at financial equilibrium though a holistic lens. We look at the intricacies of your entire financial life. We may discuss careers changes, retirement plans, inheritance, managing income and expenses, long-term wellness concerns, changes in financial and personal relationships, and more. Our work is much more than simply advising you about a specific investment or tax related issue.

Above all, we're focused on your needs. As an independent firm our fees are fully disclosed and transparent. We make unbiased recommendations because we're not owned by financial product providers, insurance companies, investment banks, or fund managers.

Harmony Financial Affiliations and Accreditations